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Beard Mask


This wonderful Beard Mask will cover the bushiest of beards.

The front has five layers of protection.

The beard pouch fits snuggly under your chin and continues right up to the ears.
Aluminium nose strip for a perfect fit.
You are provided with, as with ALL. Our masks, two 30 cm elastic strips which allows you to ties around your ears or the back of your head.
Inside layers are all white cotton against your skin for comfort.
Also available as a window mask

Five layer face mask


These full masks are five layers

Stand out from your mouth so you are not ‘eating’ your mask

Do not muffle your voice as badly as some

Are comfortable to wear

Fit snugly around your face

White cotton lining fabric against your face for comfort.

Three wicking internal layers

Aluminium nose bridge

Outer layer mixed designs to suit your personality

Logo face mask

Promote your company by putting your logo where your employees mouth is!

These masks are a five layer, washable mask with a full colour image of your logo positioned on the mask where you would like it.

Your logo can be positioned anywhere in central section which measures approximately 7 cm high, by 16 cm wide.

These masks fit most adult face sizes, but may be up or down scaled to suit your needs.

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