This page is dedicated to you… and your need to look like you know exactly what you are doing, whilst learning on the job!

Today’s tip is for a product which will help you attach small things to costumes.

One of the most useful products you can use is a product made by Craft Smart Australia.

No More Pins is a clear glue, which will stick fabric to fabric, hold fast whilst dry, but will release completely, not leaving any residue when washed in water. Great for sticking fabric badges and accessories to costumes. This product will save you time not only when attaching the objects, but there is no need to remove the item before laundering, as it will simply fall off in the wash. How easy is that!

If you are ordering costumes for your upcoming production simply add a 60ml bottle of No More Pins to your order and receive a 20% discount on the regular price.



Tips and hints to look after your costume wardrobe at school

Aka ‘The black hole’, the messy room, the dumping ground etc is a place of mystery. Going into it is not for the feint hearted.

There are two very important rules for the school Costume Wardrobe, sadly they are not always respected by other members of staff or students.

Rule 1. NEVER put costumes away dirty. Five year old perspiration and makeup will never come out, so just don’t do it.

Rule 2. Put it back where it came from. Haha! As if that would ever happen.

The only way to make sure Rule 2 is obeyed is for ONLY one person to have the keys to the room.

Then there is the question of storage. Do you use tubs, shelving or racking. If you have 100 tubs they need to be organised in a ‘fool proof’ manner,  or you will be forever searching.

Clothes racks are definitely the easiest way to organise the wardrobe, but CAN take up a lot of space if the rails are not at useful heights.

Costumes without Drama uses a variety of storage techniques, with the bulk of the costumes hanging on rails.

When hanging costumes on rails, it is so much easier to be consistent with your hanging technique. Believe it or not there is a right and wrong way to hang. We, at  Costumes without Drama ALWAYS hang garments on coat hangers so the hook at the top is pointing to the left if the garment is facing you. That way we can always get to the label for easy identification. And always hang hangers in in the same direction on the rails.

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