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Assorted face masks


These masks are made from pre washed fabric (unlikely to shrink).

Three layers of fabric. Extra long elastic to fit most people, may also be tied around the head.

These will not provide 100% protection against COVID19, but are a valuable part of the protective system.

These are fully washable in the washing machine. It is advised that they be put into a laundry bag in the washing machine.


Beard Mask


This wonderful Beard Mask will cover the bushiest of beards.

The front has five layers of protection.

The beard pouch fits snuggly under your chin and continues right up to the ears.
Aluminium nose strip for a perfect fit.
You are provided with, as with ALL. Our masks, two 30 cm elastic strips which allows you to ties around your ears or the back of your head.
Inside layers are all white cotton against your skin for comfort.
Also available as a window mask

Five layer face mask


These full masks are five layers

Stand out from your mouth so you are not ‘eating’ your mask

Do not muffle your voice as badly as some

Are comfortable to wear

Fit snugly around your face

White cotton lining fabric against your face for comfort.

Three wicking internal layers

Aluminium nose bridge

Outer layer mixed designs to suit your personality


Window Face Mask


As seen on ABC, The Drum (29/7/2020)

These window face masks allow the mouth to be seen while talking behind a mask. Ideal for teachers, or people working with hearing impaired people.

Window face mask show the wearers face so people can see you smile, and your mouth move when you speak.

These masks are hand washable.

They cannot guarantee 100% safety from COVID19, but are part of the protective system.

Made from pre washed fabric (so it is unlikely to shrink further) and have four layers of fabric. Extra long elastic to fit most people, may also be tied around the head.You may simply slide the elastic until the knot is hidden in the casing.

These masks come in assorted colours and patterns, and may be made with custom printed fabric, or specific colours to suit your business needs.

There are many more options available, and the range changes regularly. Please make a comment in the ‘comment’ box while ordering, and we will try to accommodate your request. We will contact you with pictures of the available options, for you to choose from.

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