Costume Sets

Full cast sets are available for all Bushfire Press productions and many other assorted plays.
Included: all main characters and themes of assorted items to tie together ‘chorus’ groups.
For example the package for ‘Pirates of Penzance’ would include complete costumes for all the main characters: Major-General Stanley, The Pirate King, Samuel, Frederic, Pirate 1, Pirate 2, Sergeant of Police, Mabel, Edith, Kate and Isable, Ruth a limited number of accessories like swords, cutlasses etc are available; bandannas, boleros, scruffy shirts and pants for the pirates. Police uniforms for the Troupe of Police, and chorus of ‘sisters’. We understand that there are often variations with numbers and main characters all this is taken into account when we discuss your requirements.

Custom-made costumes

The team at Costumes without Drama also design and custom make costumes for performers or for promotional purposes.

Some of the productions we have costumed:

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Pageant (Bushfire Press)


Alice in Wonderland


ANZAC 100 year anniversary theme

Beauty and the Beast

Beowolf, User Friendly

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Children of the Black Skirt


Cinderella Rockerfella

Currawong Creek (Bushfire Press)

Commedia dell’arte

Dangerkids (Bushfire Press)

Dragon Girl (Bushfire Press)

Fiddler on the Roof


HMS Pinafore (Bushfire Press)

Into the Woods

It’s a Jungle out there

Kids in Camelot (Bushfire Press)

Kids in Paradise (Bushfire Press)

Kids in Space (Bushfire Press)

Kidsummer Night’s Dream (Bushfire Press)

Little Red Riding Hood

Masquerade! (Bushfire Press)

Mulan Junior


Once Upon a Time (Bushfire Press)

Peter Pan

Pinnocchio The Musical (Bushfire Press)

Pirates of Penzance

Robin and his Hoodies


School of Fish

Seussical the Musical


Superkids (Bushfire Press)

The Billabong Prank

The Jungle Book

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

The Mikado

The Sound of Music

The Tempest

The Wizard of Oz

Willy Wonka

Many other performances of assorted Disney themes, Animal stories, Fairy tales and totally random pieces made up by the very clever music and drama teachers. Well done to all!


Good luck with your next production!


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